Turning in Visual Studio Programs:

  • Capture your program output:
    • In your console output window, right click title bar, edit, select all, "Enter" will copy.  Then paste into a text document.  Call the document output.txt. 
    • Place the output file in the root of your solution folder.
    • DO NOT take a "photo" or your output.  The output should be in text format.
  • Close Visual Studio
  • Zip up the entire folder ensuring that you get the output.txt, solution file and all child projects.
  • Turn in the zip file electronically.

  Git workflow

To use git, you need a repo locally.    That means you have a directory with some source files and a directory called .git

If you do not have a local repo, one of these two steps need done:

A) You don't have a repo locally because you are using a different computer.  You have the repo on the clouds but not on your local machine.  You need to clone.  This copies the repo from the remote (bitbucket) to your local drive.   You can get the url on the bitbucket and literally paste it.

***make a directory to store your repo

mkdir someDirToDStoreStuff
cd someDirToDStoreStuff

****clone project - you get this from the bitbucket website.  A project is either yours or is shared with you

git clone https://YourUser@bitbucket.org/YourUser/someproject.git

*** enter password if needed



B) You have a brand new project and you need to create a brand new repo.  

   Create a new repo on bitbucket website

   cd /path/to/your/repo
   git remote add origin https://YourUser@bitbucket.org/YourUser/project.git 
   git push -u origin master 


Workflow  Editing existing files

 Edit some code, add some new files
 git status
 git add file1.java file2.java
 git commit -m 'my commit message'
 git push


If you get errors about remote being out of sync when you try to push, you may need to pull and merge in the changes.

git pull
(compile and build project and test it - resolve conflicts)
git add anyFilesThatChanged.cs
git commit -m 'your msg'
git push



reclone and Feature Branch workflow


mkdir repo

cd repo/

git clone https://Bilitsxxxxxxxx

cd  yourworkingFolder

git config --global user.email "sdfdsfdsf@sdfs.com"

git config --global user.name "JB"


git checkout -b printSmigla

git push --set-upstream origin printSmigla


(Do work….. )

git status

git add file.cs

git commit  -m ‘my msg’

git push

// PULL IN changes from master into your feature branch

git pull origin master

git add thefile.java

// merge it in:

git commit -i -m "your message"  thefile.java

git push origin yourbranch

(go to website and create a PR)



Undo changes on a saved file and revert back to last commit:

git checkout filename.java


GitHub Pack

GitHub Tutorials

git Help

Notes:  git comes for free with Mac.  Linux machines can install get with apt-get or yum.  Windows requires a client.  Some options are shown below.

Graphical - git SourceTree for Mac or Win

Command Line -Git for windows  (AKA gitbash)

File explore extension - Tortoise git for Windows and command line interface